No. 1: Salsa!!!

Latin rhythms, latin sways, latin hip movements, latin style. Salsa has come up top in our list of the top 10 dance styles!

A partner dance that is cool as well as fairly easy to begin learning has spread throught the country and the world to be crowned the top dance style.

Salsa is a very well organised dance style with plenty of backers which can be seen by the number of events, congresses and the like that centre around it.

And like may be the case with Zumba in a few years time, it has spread into every single town where there is likely to be a salsa venue within easy reach of you.

This is the style of dance where you can see the hips moving clearer than a grizzly bear wandering into a convenience store. You can see them move left, right, circle around themselves and then circle back the other way around their partners too.

And when those hips move together with their partner’s there is a unison that only the booty shake can come close to matching in beauty.

There is definitely something about Latin music and especially the music used in salsa that makes you not only want to dance but be happy as well.

And that happiness is contagious. It has spread throughout the world. Into the hips and bodies of not just latinos and latinas but every race that the world has seen pass through.

If you go to down to a salsa class for the very first time there is a very good chance that you will come out having enjoyed yourself. This is not always the case with other dance styles.

A shorter initial learning curve? Perhaps though there is no doubting the skill of the accomplished salsa dancers. Need a good dance or want to start learning a new dance? You can’t go wrong with salsa.

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